At EG33 Malaysia, you can make transactions with convenience and efficient, as there is a wide variety of withdrawal and deposit methods for you to pick and choose from. Please glance over at all of our banking options shown below, and choose a method that suits you best.

Banking Options Transaction Limit (MYR) Transaction Timeline
Minimum Maximum
GSPay MYR 10 MYR 10,000 1 Minutes
ATM / CDM MYR 10 MYR 100,000 5-10 Minutes
Online Transfer
Local Bank Transfer
Quick Withdrawal MYR 50 MYR 10,000 10 Minutes
Local Bank Transfer MYR 50 MYR 50,000 1 Day
  • The minimum amount is assessed on a per-transaction basis.
  • The maximum amount is assessed by the total volume of daily transactions.
  • Please note that for the deposit transaction from MYR10-MYR29, Players are required to use GSPay to proceed.
  • Please keep the bank receipt or transaction reference number as we might request it for proof of transaction and verification purpose.
  • Withdrawal only will be approved under the bank account holder name which is same with the registered identity/name in EG33 player account.
  • Large withdrawals require more time to process.
  • Processing times will only come into effect once we have received and verified your transaction request.
  • Please note that if you have any outstanding bonuses on your player account, you may be unable to withdraw until you have fulfilled the requirements of that particular bonus.
  • Please contact our customer service personnel if you have any other inquiries on deposit or withdrawal transaction.